Only months have passed since Etaerc solidified his reign at the end of the first Dragon War. The old gods were rendered powerless, and the dragon king holds the King of All Things as his puppet, a mere figurehead of government. During the war, most temples of worship were burned to the ground, making way for Draconian “tributaries.” A small group of rebels still remain, calling themselves the Priesthood. They have little to no influence or power and for the most part can do little more than run secret worship services. Most human cities are decimated and much of the total population is dead. The capitol city, Port Kaelen, and a few other select locations gave way to Draconian influence before all out war and remain intact.

The players have been traveling south from the northern reaches of the mainland where weather cut off their further adventuring. The scenario begins as the player’s characters enter the town of Easthaven around the month of September.

Part 1 → Easthaven:

The town of Easthaven is located centrally on the east bank of the East-Fork river. (The great river splits to the north, creating the East-Fork river and the West-Fork river, both of which flow in the southern direction, ending at the South Sea of Enreth.) The docks are located along the riverside, and the market district road connects to it creating a sideways “T.” Housing is located mostly in farmland to the east as well as some houses in town where business-owners live.

The east and northeast sides of the East-Fork river are covered in bountiful fields that produce hearty portions of crops, much of which is shipped southward down the river. The west bank of the river and beyond is sprinkled with sparse forests. Tall and elegant trees stand a few feet from each other, stretching on for miles. These woods are named the Sorcerer’s Wood, after the mages and druids who dominate the area. Two large bridges span the river, the market bridge coming from the market district and the north bridge leading to the Mages Sanctum.

The mages have a peaceful relationship with Easthaven for the most part, although the town as a hole is afraid of their power. While wizards sometimes venture into town for general supplies, most tend to stay in their tower – the Mages Sanctum, located on the west bank of the East-Fork river, slightly up the river from the docks on the opposite bank.

Just to the northeast of Easthaven lies the Horvath Castle, home the the royal Horvath family. For the most part, the family uses the castle as a vacation home for the warmer summer months, while the estate is left to a younger family member or steward through the off-season. Currently the eldest son of the Horvath family – Garren Horvath is sitting in charge, overseeing the harvest and other matters in the town. Garren is a well-tempered man in his late 20’s who is known to have a level-head in business affairs, but lacks the charm and charisma for court affairs.

The temple district lies to the south of the market. Before the Dragon Wars concluded most godly affairs were held in a sanctuary in the Horvath Castle, but as the castle was forced to surrender through pressures of politics the temple was renovated to be a dance hall and new structures were established to the south of town as dragon tributaries.

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